Picture book

Format: 24 × 36cm, colour print, hardcover, 32 pages. Publishing date: 2020.

In her new fairy tale, Barbara Simoniti is able to masterfully extract a range of minature impressions hidden in a seemingly insignificant event and submerge the reader in the richness of words and language. Inviting the reader into his own little world is Jake, who is home alone one night. Well, he is not entirely alone; he is being kept company by a very much alive group of household items. While the little boy is sprawled out in the armchair, the chair is stretching itself to loosen its springs, while the clock is getting cross and wringing its hands about as it was getting so late. Yes, it was time for bed. He had a wash, and as he was drying himself with a grumpy and crumpled towel, he flinched as something tickled him on his back. But there was nothing there. What could that strange sensation be? While reading a book later on, the tickling sensation became so strong that it made him jump up out of bed, and he and his book both land on the floor. The doorbell rang not long after. It was his uptight neighbour coming to complain about the noise, but standing behind him, Jake recognised a bright face and long hair that shone like the sun. He thought back to the morning, to the encounter he had with a long-haired girl on the staircase and picking up apples that had fallen all over the floor. Had the boy finally solved the mystery of the strand of hair tickling him on his back?

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