Format: 23 × 29cm, colour print, hardcover, 36 pages. Publishing date: 2020.

Roggie the Lion, a little-less-ordinary lion, loved travelling before his accident. Out of all the things, he enjoyed admiring nature and the animals in it the most. He was also fascinated by high mountains covered with white clouds, ice cold glaciers, hot and dry deserts, as well as all the unusual people he met.
After his accident, he was convinced that he would no longer be able to go on trips to distant lands. But sometimes even the greatest wishes come true. Roggie found out that he could travel to Africa to go on a safari, meet the Maasai people and awe in the most beautiful and highest African mountain, Mount Kilimanjaro.
It isn’t easy to travel in a wheelchair, but Roggie, brave and wise as any lion, overcomes any obstacle and goes on an unforgettable journey to the amazing continent of Africa.

Igor Plohl is a teacher and an author of picture books in which he talks about being disabled. Roggie the Lion, his literary alter ego, came to life when Igor wanted to talk to his students about his painful experience when he had to deal with his new life in a wheelchair following a serious accident. He has also written about his experience dealing with his new situation in the autobiographic story It Can Happen To You!, which he wrote for adult readers.

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