Anthology of Children's Poetry

Format: 21 x 24 cm, colour print, hardcover, 132 pages. Publishing date: 2020.


Zvezdana’s Universe of Poetry and Riddles is a collection of the most wonderful poems by Slovenian poetress Zvezdana Majhen. Poems that combine the author’s and the reader’s desire to get closer to the light of truth and beauty, which glows like a firefly in the duskiness of ignorance and the often all to humdrum daily routine. Zvezdana’s Universe of Poetry and Riddles brings together the joy of solving puzzles, discovering and accepting a child’s world and their growing up, and simply being in wondering of creation, which is not owned by people, but which we all too often interfere with: we take ownership of it, we change it, instead of first and foremost admiring it. The mixture of words and images outlines the essence of a modern child’s world and that of the beings that are, to both children and adults, neighbours – despite them living in a field, nearby forest or in the sky.

Zvezdana Majhen was born to teenage parents, who were incapable of taking care of her emotionally, nor financially. Thus she ended up in an orphanage and soon found safe shelter at a noble foster family. They were also her sound foundation and inspiration for personal growth that followed. The author is a preschool teacher with a college degree in psychology by profession. She lives and works in Ljubljana.

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