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Crime Novel

Bestselling author of several books with a large readership. Abbazia Hotel is his fifth published book. Format: 14.8 x 21 cm, black and white print, hardcover, 204 pages. Publishing date: 2011, 2021. Rights sold to: Arabic language (world). English sample available (full text upon request only).

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      Detective Superintendent Martin Vrenko had a few days from last year’s annual leave to use up, so he and his wife Mojca set off on holiday to Croatia, more specifically to Opatija. The detective was enjoying himself on the beach, reading newspapers and watching the sea, but he soon grew bored. Then an article in the local newspaper about a crime that had been committed in Opatija caught his eye: Murdered wife then took own life. His dedication to his job and the boredom he was experiencing led him to become increasingly interested in this case…

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