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About the body, the sexes, fear, guilt and growing up, about the feeling of being divided, avoidance and falling apart, about being everything and then nothing

In the first chapter, the author writes about how anorexia is the most deadly of mental illnesses. He always found questions to be more important than answers, which, regardless of being correct or incorrect, always led to new questions being asked.

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      In his work with anorexic youth, there were many questions and only few answers. Why is this disease so deadly? Why is the vast majority of sufferers girls? Why are almost all the girls with anorexia so productive, disciplined and have a tendency for perfectionism? Why do they have a distorted view of their bodies? Why do they have such low self-esteem? Why is anorexia accompanied by symptoms of almost all other mental disorders? Why does anorexia treatment have such a low success rate? Why are the trees drawn by different girls with anorexia so similar to each other? With his well-known, flowing and often rather humorous informal style of writing he intertwines facts, findings and explanations with tales of adventures from his travels that serve as a framework for his thoughts about the attitudes of various nations towards food, the body, the sexes and fear. He underpins the story with a personal perspective –  both from his youth and from his life now – and reveals a part of himself that we were as yet unaware of.

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