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The Colours of Life – Rainbow-Coloured Luck, Gray Anxiety, Black Depression

Ignac Schmidt says that his fifth book talks about everything. What is everything, everywhere, behind it all and eternal? It is the colours of life, it is depression, anxiety and apathy. Life is white, depression is black, and anxiety is grey. In truth, which does not exist, this trio is behind it all, everywhere and eternally present.

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      The book discusses the biological, social, psychological, anthropological and philosophical background of depression. Depression was the most common mental disorder of our time even before the new coronavirus pandemic struck, while the prevalence of depression and anxiety will only increase after it ends – albeit with a time delay. The author leads depression, together with its cousin anxiety, through the illusion of time from conception to fame, from childhood to old age, from animal to human, from poverty to art, from tree to book, from abuse to shame and isolation, from pain to skin, from self-harm to suicide, from help to self-help, from story to story.

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