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Format: 14.5 × 21cm, black & white print, hardcover, 220 pages. Publishing date: 2022.

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      The young adult novel Hockey’s Band of Brothers is first and foremost a story about the sporting choices of the protagonist, Tine. But because hockey is a team sport, it is also the story of how a group of passionate hockey players develops into a real team. The boys’ adventure playing the toughest sport on the planet is littered with many obstacles, but a good team can overcome anything.
      The novel is readable, playful, engaging and easily puts the reader in the shoes of the group of teenagers and their thoughts. It is a unique tale, as it sheds light on all aspects of hockey, as well as the thoughts of the players, parents and coaches. Sometimes it is difficult to imagine or perhaps we forget the feelings and thoughts of others, but all these perspectives are encapsulated in this book. The ideology, game itself and equipment of hockey are presented clearly enough to make the story interesting even for someone who may be hearing about hockey for the first time.


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