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A Country Between Persia and Islam

The monograph is both a wealth of pictures and content, unveiling one of the oldest civilisations of the known world to reveal the exceptional Persian culture.

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      Iran, once known as Persia, has always been synonymous with wealth – spiritual wealth and wealth measurable in money. However, in recent decades, this country has become increasingly hidden from Western eyes. The author, Dragan Potočnik, is a great authority on the history, culture and present day Iran. As a visiting professor at the University of Isfahan autumn and winter 2008/2009 and a regular guest, he is the best and most critical observer. In his book he was able to encompass several millennia of Iran’s history, while also of fering the reader detailed descriptions of natural and cultural places of interest. What is more, he did not leave out any of the customs, traditions and many adventures he experienced throughout his many visits.

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