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The book presents four short stories from the life of Leopold the cat and his family: ‘Leopold in Mouseville’, ‘Isaac and the African Drum’, ‘Family, Football and a Mouse’, ‘Uncle Cyril the Badger and Rosie the Dachshund’. Leopold is a big grey tomcat and a member of a family consisting of mother Clara, father Peter and little girl Lucy. They live in Mouseville, a town by the river. Lucy spends her free time with her friend Izidor, while Leopold lives his best kitty-cat life.

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      Leopold’s favourite thing to do is to lie on a branch of their birch tree or on top of the African drums. They of ten have to look for him, especially when Jasna spots a little black mouse behind the wardrobe. You could say that Leopold is quite a mischievous cat. And you could also say that through him, in a way, we get to know the author, Luka Prosnik, who likes to show us life through the lens of laughter and wit, and who is a great lover of good cars, football, books and probably also chocolate cake. He is a poet and the most recognisable face of Sonček, the cerebral palsy association in Maribor, where he lives and works.

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