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Avtor:Janja Vidmar

The story follows Isaac’s passion for football and his vibrant life in a bustling household. With dreams of joining Barcelona as a striker and a longing for a furry companion, Isaac, together with his friend Gal, sets up a proper detective agency.

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      Along the way, he cherishes moments with neighbour Rozi, the oldest female Exatlon competitor of all time. Despite his struggle with letters, Isaac’s speech therapist encourages him to chronicle his experiences. Then, on a fateful Friday, his life is turned upside down, and Isaac relies on Gal’s sleuthing skills help him. Their initial case involving tracking Isaac’s brother, Vid, who exhibits highly suspicious behaviour, holds the potential to catapult them into worldwide recognition. As his family turmoil unfolds, including his father’s hospitalisation and Rozi’s enigmatic behaviour, Isaac and Gal’s detective prowess averts disaster, proving that life’s complexities require keen observation and steadfast friendship.

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