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Format: 15 × 21cm, colour print, hardcover, 52 pages. Publishing date: 2020.

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      Ollie is a pocket-sized scruffy little dog who, one day, is found shivering on the doorstep of a house where a boy called Rudie lives. The little boy soon realises that sweet little Ollie is a special kind of dog that asks unusual questions, chirps when he’s angry and meows when he’s happy. He loves to play video games, gets upset quickly and doesn’t have much in common with his doggy peers.
      But what is it that makes Ollie so special? To find out, Rudie’s family goes to see a dog psychologist who tells them that Ollie is a dog who needs a lot of love and patience – this is because Ollie has what psychologists call Asperger syndrome. Ollie’s family is full of understanding and agrees that each and every one of us has our own obstacles, obstacles that can be overcome with good sense and patience, and that, at the end of the day, everything can be overcome with love and compassion.

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