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Thirty essays from angry teenagers, whereby, at the end of each is a commentary by the author, a clinical psychologist who has dealt with this specific topic for the duration of his entire professional career. It’s like getting a direct injection of youth into your veins.

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      Told in the author’s signature style, the book is full of life, playful, artful, direct, painfully honest and gives you a lot to think about even long after you’ve finished reading it. It is written in a way that miles down-to-earth chat with a professional perspective. It can be read by parents, teachers, doctors, psychologists, social workers – basically anyone, regardless of profession or age. It is also suitable for teens themselves, as it has a positive message – the turbulent times of growing up come to an end sooner or later and teens have the unique power to free themselves from places of anger, painful experiences, difficult relationships, hardships and emotions. They just need to find the strength within. And this is the book that talks about the paths to reaching the other side and how adults can give a helping hand or at least not hinder them . It holds up a critical mirror to adults. Since children are nothing more than a reflection of them.

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