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Crime Novel

Bestselling author of several books with a large readership. Obssesions During the Crisis is his sixth published book. Format: 14.8 x 21 cm, black and white print, hardcover, 256 pages. Publishing date: 2012, 2023.

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      Obsessions During the Crisis represents the conclusion of a series of six cases investigated by Superintendent Vrenko and is, as yet, the most extensive cyclic detective novel in Slovenia. The story begins when the decomposing body of a businessman is found at a popular destination for day trips. The cause of death is an insulin overdose which resulted in an insulin shock and death, while the circumstances of the murder turn out to be exceptionally complex. Before the surprising unveiling of the murderer, the author runs down a list of suspects – the victim’s father Aleksander, the victims stepsisters (greedy Petra and her husband the lawyer, anorexic Iris and her partner), the victim’s widow Sabina and his roomate at the Livada Care Home. But who did it?

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