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Stories, things to do and things to make for the festive season

Three little bears, Elly, Teddy and Freddy, are impatiently awaiting Christmas. But there are 24 days still to go! Luckily, their mother has an idea how to make the time go by faster. She suggests that the little bears should make an advent calendar full of activities! That very same night they get to work and make 24 cards on which are written the festive activities. They can hang them up and the days begin to fly by.

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      The days leading up to Christmas are full of fun, drawing, creating, baking, singing and dancing. The family book Our Magical December is intended for all the little bears that cannot wait for Christmas to come. You can choose how to arrange the activities and look forward to each upcoming day. Each activity takes around half an hour and is connected to an item – and you can read what the three little bears, Elly, Teddy and Freddy, did that day. Author Mirjam Pinter created this collection of family activities based on her own family’s experiences. Her understanding that parenthood today is quite the challenge and spending quality time with the family is a valuable thing led her to choose activities that can be done by all the family, even by its very youngest members.

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