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Being different is not boring, it is universal.

In his role as clinical psychologist, Ignac Schmidt has come into contact with children and youth that suffer from all types of disorders, as well as their parents, teachers, counsellors and others.

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      In his third book he focuses primarily on people on the autism spectrum, those with mental development issues and associated disorders. He wanted to find out more about the quality of life of children with various disorders, mainly those with autism, and of their loved ones, parents, siblings, as well as the family as a whole. He attempts to identify the universal similarities and expresses the opinion that more or less anyone can find themselves somewhere on this spectrum. He recognises a significant problem with the acceptance of people with similar diagnoses outside of their family circle. As an expert, he has witnessed the problems faced by parents of children with this disorder, has taken on the challenge of helping them on the path of finding acceptance and understanding of things that are not so familiar to us.

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