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In her new collection of poems titled Poem in a Cloud, the always delightfully brilliant Bina Štampe Žmavc touches on all the real and the magical elements of the world, which she weaves together into her characteristic linguistic innovations and rhymes. Dragons, clouds, seasons, emotions and pets are all part of her poetic daily life and present the world as a great big magical mystery.

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      What indeed is snow? It’s at its most beautiful when it takes the form of a fine coat on a leafless tree. And what to do with the days that are all grown up, ever so long and dull? Make them more fun by shortening them! How does a field lay out a festive spread? With a rainbow of flowers and butterflies, of course. With a delicate touch, the poetress also introduces more serious topics and emotions to children, such as dealing with their parents’ divorce or the death of a family pet. Their lost cat may be in fact far away in dreamland, lounging about with the warm sun on its fluffy fur, isn’t that right?
      Bina Štampe Žmavc places the wide range of human emotions at the forefront and understands them as part of everyday life. With her special touch, illustrator Darka Erdelji is able to capture all of this in her ethereal drawings.

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