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Format: 21 × 24cm, colour print, hardcover, 24 pages. Publishing date: 2022.

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      This endearing fairy tale about the origin of potato ice cream is actually a tale of friendship. The ice cream freezes onto the potato and, fearing for its friend’s life, they set off across the world. After a long journey, the unlikely pair are finally saved by Chinese chef Liu Bosan, who invents a new dessert: potato ice cream.
      But the story is not just about friendship, it is also about the fulfilment of many desires: the desire for fame, the desire to invent a very unusual dish and the desire for a friendship to never end.
      In her own narrative style, the author tells the tale of this unusual ice cream flavour, with a recipe for particularly curious readers and
      information on the history of ice cream for true ice cream enthusiasts.

      Vesna Radovanovič (1962) completed her studies at the Pedagogical Academy in Ljubljana. She lives in Murska Sobota, works in the youth department of the Regional and Study Library, and is also involved in storytelling for children and adults. She is the author of childrens picture books, some of which have been nominated for the Kristina Brenkova Award and the Desetnica Award. She has won the Čop Award, the Slovenian IBBY Section Award and the Murska Sobota Municipality Award for Cultural Achievements.

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