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Picture Book on Disability

Format: 23 × 29cm, colour print, hardcover, 40 pages. Publishing date: 2022. Rights sold to: English, Vietnamese.

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      Roggie, a slightly less ordinary lion, started his life after a serious accident. After learning to drive a hand-controlled car, his life became much the same as it was before the accident. He enjoys going on trips, preferably in the company of friends. The two wolves Peter and Paula are always up for a good adventure. Together with Roggie, they go on a trip to Lendava, where they try to touch the sky from the top of a tower. But unfortunate circumstances throw them a curveball. The lift in the tower doesn’t work, someone has parked in front of the disabled parking space, and the restaurant they go to for lunch doesn’t have a ramp at the entrance. But this kind of bad luck doesn’t deter the brave Roggie from his original plan. With the help of good will and good friends, he overcomes even these obstacles.

      The picture book highlights the problem of mobility for people with disabilities and raises awareness about how we as a community can tackle these problems. It is complemented by videos (accessible via QR codes) and a collection of photographs depicting Igor’s real-life experiences with mobility.

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