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Delicious Children's Folk Tale and Cookbook

Format: 19.5 x 25cm, colour print, hardcover, 196 pages. Age: 8 and above. Publishing date: 2022.

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      These Scrumptious Slovenian Stories bring together traditional Slovenian folk tales and recipes for traditional dishes, such as rustic bread, potica sweet roll, bujta repa stew and more. The book is divided into chapters where each story and dish is complemented with a short text on interesting facts relating to it from the theory of fairy tales (fairies and other magical beings, magic words and fairy tale animals), from the aspect of Slovenian cultural and natural heritage (the Sečovlje Saltworks, mills and flour milling, Slovenian dialects) and ideas on further reading. The aim of the book is liven children’s reading experiences, introduce the family reading technique and inspire children to prepare dishes, especially those from the tradition of Slovenian cuisine. The book also connects the various geographical regions of Slovenia (both in the story part and in the culinary part), which is another way for readers to learn new things.

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