Zaloga: Na zalogi


Format: 24 × 29cm, colour print, hardcover, 32 pages. Publishing date: 2022.

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      On the edge of the big town lived my grandfather and grandmother, surrounded by fields of oblivion and delicate birdsong. The Witch of Time planted an invisible garden of forgetfulness around them, stretching all the way to the blue edge of the horizon.

      A beautiful story of a grandmother’s ways, words and thoughts that are lost, and a grandfather’s love that remains.
      Although it grows in Slovenia, especially in the Prekmurje region, the blue poppy is most beautiful in the Himalayan highlands. Hardy compared to its red brother, but above all unusual. Just like how dementia is unusual. It completely changes a person, their loved ones and their surroundings. Grandma is constantly losing and searching for words and thoughts. Grandpa makes her a pretty box in which he places them for her. In the evening, when she is tired of searching for words all day, Grandpa consoles her that it’s no wonder, since she
      had been running after her words all day long. He opens the box for her, but Grandma isn’t quite sure if it contains all the right words…
      A story in which fairy tale is intertwined with reality and in which words take on new and different meanings again and again, it is also a story of love and devotion. Told in a way that Bina Štampe Žmavc has mastered so artfully and with such skill. This fairy-tale quality, topped with a good pinch of humour, is reflected in the superb, fresh illustrations by Svjetlan Junaković.


      Zaenkrat še ni mnenj.

      Samo prijavljeni uporabniki, ki so kupili ta izdelek, lahko napišejo mnenje.