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Crime Novel

Bestselling author of several books with a large readership. The Island is his ninth published book. Format: 14.8 x 21 cm, black and white print, hardcover, 276 pages. Publishing date: 2018, 2021. English sample available.

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      Demšar’s detective opus is conceived as a stand-alone series in which the fates of the main characters develop while the detective stories remain independent – to be enjoyed on their own as a complete story.
      The Island is Avgust Demšar’s ninth crime novel. For the first time in his literary career the writer doesn’t follow his classical crime strategy of »who is the actor« used in his previous novels. This time he is following the idea of another sub-genre, this is the type of »the secret of the locked room« crime novel. In the first third of the novel the happening is put on an imaginery Island somewhere in Croatia, then it moves to Slovenia, to Maribor, where all his novels are taking place. The main emphasis of the text is given to the procedures, the criminalistic detection, offering the keys to the solution of criminal deeds. Again there are several murders involved as well as fake and crucial hints and sideway investigations.


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