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Format: 21 × 24cm, colour print, hardcover, 28 pages. Publishing date: 2019.

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      Knitting is like a dance where you spin, twirl and weave the knitting needles to create clothing. Scarves, hats, pullovers, socks and much more. Paula’s mother often makes her knitting needles dance. This is how she shows little Paula her love and care, as well as her wish that the little girl is dressed in nice things.
      In her mother’s hands, the wool becomes magical yarn. A ball of wool is transformed into wonderful pieces of clothing during this dance. And sometimes even the opposite happens. She transforms old pullovers into a tightly wound ball of wool to then be knitted into something entirely new. Into new old clothes, as Paula says, who isn’t as impressed with the coarseness of the used yarn. She prefers soft wool that is as velvety as her mother’s cheek. The rough thread cannot compare to the smoothness of her mother’s skin. When Paula grows up, she will learn to love even the clothes that are knitted from old wool.
      The picture book, interwoven with the tenderness of soft wool, talks about how strong love is and how quickly a child’s heart forgives, if only it is loved.

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