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Avtor:Cvetka Bevc

Slovenian YA author, poet and performer. Glass Flames is her 4th YA novel. Format: 14.5 x 21cm, black and white print, hardcover, 160 pages. Publishing date: 2019.

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      The youth novel The Santa in My Ear follows the story of 14-year-old Oja who just recently broke her arm. But that is just one of the many twists and turns she has experienced in her lifetime. She was born to a Slovene mother and African father, although she herself is light-skinned. Her story begins somewhere around the Christmas of 1999. She intertwines the present and the past, remembering events from her history that left a significant impact on her life. Her many life experiences include military unrests in Nigeria, emigrating to London and then finally coming to Slovenia.
      At each event that shook her life she had to face new challenges, find new friends, adapt to new cultural surroundings, fulfil her parents’ expectations – all while staying true to herself.
      Oja is an excellent flautist, but her real passions are colours and painting. When she plays the flute and closes her eyes, a rainbow appears before her. Might it be Santa Claus, who has been constantly whispering in her ear since the accident, who is telling her this?
      With his help, Oja navigates between painting, music, family issues, new friends and her first love. Through her collage of memories and experiences in the present, Oja figures out the real reason behind her accident.

      Cvetka Bevc is a poet, writer and musician. She finished her musicology and comparative literature studies at the Faculty of Arts in Ljubljana and continued her education at University College Cork. She lives and creates in Ljubljana.
      She writes prose, poetry, dramatic and youth literature, as well as screenplays. Her literary opus consists of twenty books and she has written several novels for young adults, among others A Head Full of Prawns, The Ten and The Santa in My Ear.

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