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Crime Novel

Bestselling author of several books with a large readership. Thin Ice is his third published book. Format: 14.8 x 21 cm, black and white print, hardcover, 236 pages. Publishing date: 2009, 2020.

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      A new case for Superintendent Vrenko. In his third case, doubts about the circumstances surrounding the case arise in the minds of Superintendent Martin Vrenko, young Inspector Breznik and Chief Inspector Ivana Premk. All of a sudden, nothing is as it seems to be. The traffic accident in which a school psychologist loses her life turns out not to be an accident. The robbery in which the school secretary dies is in fact not a robbery at all. When a third member of the school’s staff dies a violent death not long after, the crime investigators are faced with an utterly unpleasant question. Is it possible that a serial killer is loose in Slovenia?

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