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Who’s to Blame for Winter Being White and Other Stories

Format: 16 × 23.5cm, colour print, hardcover, 60 pages. Publishing date: 2022.

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      Although Eva is only in first grade, she knows exactly what she wants: to become a detective and to find a president, if they happen to get lost. And she has a furry friend called Bobby who is a great help in her detective work!
      In this collection of nine stories, we get to know a curious first-grader and join her on her adventures as she explores the world, as seen from the sky with her dad, decorates a boring bathroom with bright colours, thinks about the teacher (whose name she would really like to change) during maths class, learns about being a doctor when she has to spend a few days in hospital, performs a swan dance with her grandmother, writes a letter to the tooth fairy to bring her a present when she loses a baby tooth, and plays with the sea on the seashore in the summertime.

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