Zaloga: Na zalogi


Format: 16 × 23.5cm, colour print, hardcover, 64 pages. Publishing date: 2023.

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      The literary narrative is based on the real life of Slavc, a wolf from the Slavnik pack, who was tracked by biologists from the University of Ljubljana (as part of the Slowolf project) with a telemetry collar between July 2011 and August 2012, and reconstructed his journey from the Slavnik mountains in Slovenia to the Lessinia mountains in northern Italy (near Lake Garda).
      It is written as a biographical narrative of the fictional explorer Rudi. Slavc choses to share with him the secrets of life that he had discovered during his journey. The text seeks to unveil the mystical image of the wolf, which in Western culture, especially in children’s literature, is presented as a dark, evil and bloodthirsty creature. Through the story, we learn about their basic characteristics so that we can understand them better. Instead of destroying it and parts of wild nature, we should try to find in nature a source of inspiration and motivation to discover our own natural power, which lies deep within us and can be awakened in the pursuit of our own desires and in overcoming everyday challenges.


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